Our shelter is run on donations. Without your support, we wouldn't be able to help our dogs. Please donate to help save the lives and look after more than 300 dogs and 200 cats, each year.



Our PayPal email is drustvozazastituzivotinjadu(at)gmail(dot)com

Bank deposit


IBAN: HR8824070001100024932

In person

Visit us at the shelter to make a cash donation


Other donations urgently needed:

4kg (8.8lb) of donated dog food = food for 1 dog for a week. Our dogs love Bosch dry dog food, Meradog dry dog food and other brands. Order online and set the delivery address to our organisation postal address below to get many tails wagging!
Društvo za zaštitu životinja Dubrovnik

dr.A.Starčevića 49.

20207 Mlini-Dubrovnik



- Dry dog food (no wet dog food please)

- Kitten milk, kitten food, kitten formula and bottles (in Spring)

- Dry cat food

- Wet cat food



- Deworming treatment

- Spot-on treatment against ticks, fleas and mosquitos

- Antibiotics, vitamins and probiotics

- Treatment for immune system

- Eye and drops/cream

- Skin treatment

- Disinfectant liquids



- Cement, gravel, wire, nails

- Poles, nets, tools, wheelbarrows

- Wooden boards (ideally waterproof)

-  Strong nylon & other waterproof outdoor insulation material



- Leashes (especially flexible leases)

- Transport carriers (all sizes)

- Dog and cat collars

- Warm blankets (without feathers)

- Cat traps and cages

- Liquids which can be put on the ground to prevent the spreading of ticks (contact us before donating these liquids to ensure they are suitable)


There is a pet shop called Pet Shop Scooby in Dubrovnik where donations can be brought from if you are visiting the shelter. The pet shop is a 14 minute drive from the shelter and their address is Andrije Hebranga 53a, 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia. Pet Shop Scooby also have a basket at their shop where donations can be placed in and it’s regularly brought to our shelter.