Volunteers are the heart of our shelter. People come from all over the world to volunteer - bringing love, hope and help to our dogs. Some people stay for an hour or a day and others return year after year. Volunteers help clean, build and repair houses and fences, walk and cuddle the dogs. Everything a volunteer does improves the shelter and the lives of our animals. Whether you're coming for a few hours or a few weeks, we guarantee that volunteering at Žarkovica will be a unique and unforgettable experience and we welcome you to join us! Check out The Žarkovica Family.


Dog walking

Our dogs become more adoptable when they spend more time with people. Taking them for walks is a great way to help them be ready to meet a potential new owner.


Feeding and cleaning

There is usually only 2 of us at the shelter and we have the massive task of feeding and cleaning up after hundreds of dogs every day. We appreciate any help we can get.



Our animals can't get adopted without great photos to show off how amazing they are! We are desperately seeking photographers to volunteer their time and expertise to take great photos of our dogs so we can share their gorgeous faces with new, potential owners.

Craig from Adriatic Images regularly volunteers his time and expertise at the shelter

Craig from Adriatic Images regularly volunteers his time and expertise at the shelter



Our dogs stay in enclosures and we always need regular work done on them - if you are skilled and willing to help us, please get in contact with us.



Our dogs regularly require visits to the vet for desexing or other vet procedures. We rely on volunteers to transport them so we can focus on feeding and looking after over 300 dogs at our shelter. If you have a car and are available to help, we would love to hear from you!


Admin/data entry/social media

It might sound boring but this is one of the most important jobs that we need done, to help keep track of all the dogs and to help promote them. No prior experience is required and we would greatly appreciate anyone who could help out even just a few hours a week.

Alina (Latvia) giving a homeless pup belly rubs

Alina (Latvia) giving a homeless pup belly rubs

Volunteering with Žarkovica Animal Shelter has been such an incredible experience for me. It is very rewarding to see dogs go to new, forever homes.
— Tina Duk
Sam (UK) spending time with the dogs

Sam (UK) spending time with the dogs